On Wednesday 12 July 2023, OCL hosted another quarterly showcase to share some of the current works-in-progress with the community. Weren’t able to attend? Not a problem! Let’s summarize everything we discussed and we’ll also share how you can learn more. 

During this session we showcased new OCL features:

  • Quicker concept creation
  • Collection Summary Tab
  • Improvements to OCL Search

Other items that were highlighted include:

  • OCL Chat (our community forum) is now live – learn more & join at this link: https://chat.openconceptlab.org/
  • The Smart Dictionary Initiative is underway!
  • A new demo video is now available on our YouTube: OpenMRS Questions and Answers in OCL.
  • OCL had a presence in recent months at the 2023 OpenHIE Community Meeting in Malawi and the Global Goods Innovator’s Summit in Tanzania. (Blog coming soon!)
  • HL7 Brazil is working with OCL to map terminology resources to Brazilian International Patient Summary (IPS). 

In addition to these highlights, there was also a sneak peek at OCL’s new design system that is underway. 

Want to see more from this showcase? Check out this recording and our slide deck!

These showcases are a chance to celebrate our progress, learn about the latest achievements/upgrades, and discuss upcoming initiatives for the OCL tools, services, and community. To receive details about the next showcase, be sure to sign up for our mailing list!