OpenMRS Dictionary Manager (Deprecated)

The OpenMRS Dictionary Manager was deprecated as of February 2023. Dictionary managers are now encouraged to use the OCL TermBrowser to manage their dictionaries. The same user accounts and data from the OpenMRS Dictionary Manager also work in the OCL TermBrowser. For more information, see the full announcement here: Deprecating the Openmrs Dictionary Manager.


The OpenMRS community’s OpenMRS-OCL Squad developed a web application focused on making OCL useful for the OpenMRS Community and hosted at The OpenMRS Dictionary Manager client focuses on the workflow of an OpenMRS Implementer who is managing her OpenMRS dictionary within OCL, drawing on concepts & mappings from CIEL, and synchronizing the concept collection as a dictionary on one or more OpenMRS server(s).


A demonstration of this system is available at (username: admin, password: Admin123).

OCL within the OpenMRS community

OpenMRS OCL Squad Call

The purpose of the OCL Squad is to, “Add the required features to the OpenMRS Dictionary Manager Authoring Interface and the OCL Subscription Module needed for an ‘early adopters’ group and provide development support during testing.” More information is available on the OpenMRS website.


Mondays at 10:00-11:00 AM EST (Subject to change)

How to Join

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What is OpenMRS?

OpenMRS is a worldwide community collaborating on an open source medical record system platform. Because OpenMRS is designed as a general medical record system (not just to support HIV, tuberculosis, or Maternal Child Health, but to be used for any or all of those needs), most medical concepts are not hardcoded into its data model; rather, OpenMRS uses a concept dictionary to define its data.

Since the majority of clinical data within OpenMRS uses a concept dictionary, OCL offers several benefits for the OpenMRS community:

  • The CIEL dictionary. The Columbia International eHealth Laboratory (CIEL) dictionary is a de facto standard dictionary used within the OpenMRS community. Most new OpenMRS implementations start with the CIEL dictionary and older OpenMRS implementations have mapped to it. OCL provides an easy way for the OpenMRS community to browse and use CIEL concepts.
  • Managing multiple sites. Many organizations are managing multiple OpenMRS servers, sometimes across multiple countries. OCL can make it easier to centrally manage and distribute these dictionaries.
  • Interoperability. OpenMRS implementations often need to share data with other systems. OCL makes it easier to find or manage mappings to other dictionaries or reference terminologies.
  • Standards. OCL promotes standardization of concepts, use of reference terminologies, and adoption of FHIR®-based Terminology Services.